Hiite Maja* Foundation was established in 2008 to explore, present and support the natural sacred sites – sacred groves, trees, stones, springs, etc – as well as the broader indigenous heritage of Estonia, thus maintaining diversity in Estonian culture, landscapes and nature.

Main activities

  • Finding resources for the maintenance and studying of Estonian natural sacred sites
  • Publishing information about the sacred sites
  • Organizing events, introducing people to sacred sites
  • International cooperation in the field of natural sacred sites


The foundation is implementing the development plan for the sacred natural sites of Estonia with its founder Maavalla Koda (Estonian House of Taara and Native Religions) and the Centre of Sacred Natural Sites (Looduslike pühapaikade keskus) in the University of Tartu.

We are looking for

  • resources to support the sacred sites and
  • partners to exchange experience and ideas.

* “Hiite Maja” means literally “house of sacred groves” in Estonian